4th December 2017 -  the Flag is flying at half mast for Marjorie Proctor and Betty Sanderson both members of the Bowling Community here at Catforth - our sincere condolences to the families.



Catforth Christmas Carols - Wednesday 6th December 2017 at 7pm

come along and get your Catforth Christmas started  



Childrens Christmas Party - Friday 8th December 2017 3pm - 6pm

please find the Christmas Party booking form, places are limited to 50 - so booking is essential.  This year the cost is £4.00 per child as the committee has decided to subsidise this event.  should you have any questions please contact Sue on 07943 575747.  See you there!





For any enquiries that are not related to bookings please contact our new Secretary

Gill Strike on 07500348294


Our bookings clerk is now Sue Yates. Village Hall Mobile : 07943 575747 


As of the 1st of May 2017 the hourly rental fee for the hall will increase from £15.00 per hour to £17.00 per hour.  This increase is the first increase for 2 years and is reflective of our increasing overheads.  We are a not for profit organisation and are committed to keeping our prices as low as possible however this increase in unfortunately unavoidable.

Thanks to the Lottery Fund!

The new double glazed windows with their new two tone blinds, the new double doors and round windows with their poppy design and the re-decoration of the Hall interior have been made possible due to a grant of £10,000 from the Lottery Fund plus a smaller contribution from the Hall reserves.

This project is the third phase of the upgrade and improvement of the Hall as part of the 5 year plan (2014-2018) to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War and maintain the Hall as a fitting memorial. The Hall remains a valuable asset to the community with usage increasing year on year for a growing range of individual, club and organisation events.

The Hall is managed on behalf of the community by a small and unfortunately reducing group of volunteers and the committee would be pleased to welcome anyone with just a few hours a month to spare to join them and get involved in the next round of improvements. This would help bring new ideas from the community as well as some extra pairs of hands to ensure the long term existence of the Hall for everyone’s benefit. If you are interested and would like to know more please contact Steve Heywood (Chairman) on 07805 724589. 





If you have children you may be interested in the Catforth toddler group which meets in the Village Hall on a Friday morning or the cubs and scout group which meets on a Wednesday evening.



Catforth Village Hall flag


I am sure I am not alone, in giving a quiet thought to 'persons unknown' who have sadly passed away, (as signalled by the flag, flying at half mast, outside the village hall).


For those of you who, like me, wondered how the decision was made to fly the flag then I am pleased to say I can give the answer...


The flag at the village hall can (and will) be put at half mast for any villager (current or past) who has died.


In order for this to occur, someone has to notify a member of the committee either directly or by email Please ensure if emailing you give the name of the person involved and if possible a short obituary which will be added to the website.



Ever wondered what goes on at the village hall, how you can get involved, how you can join the bowling club, who the trustees are... or indeed have you a question that you would like to ask about the hall and its activities but have never known who to address your query to? 

Well now is your opportunity ... if there is anything you would like to know, relating to the hall, email your question to . It will be directed to the relevant individual and your question and answer will be posted to the website.





A plea to anyone who may have pictures of, or any information relating to, the village hall from days gone by .. we would love to include them on our website.  We can be contacted at our email address -